Planning application details

Planning application details for 41/21/0003
Planning application 41/21/0003
Application number 41/21/0003
Received 02/03/2021
Registered 02/03/2021
Target decision date 27/04/2021
Public on-line consultation period 12/03/2021 - 02/04/2021
Application type Full Planning Permission
Applicant MR BIRT
Correspondent address 2 WEBBLE GREEN
EX13 7UD
Officer Mr Alex Lawrey
Parish Tolland
Proposal Replacement of an agricultural building for storage and housing of miniature mediterranean donkeys at Burts Farmhouse, East Town Lane, Tolland, Lydeard St Lawrence
Status Initially identified as a decision to be made by the Development Control Manager under delgated powers.
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You should note that planning control is not designed to protect private property values or views of property - What issues are relevant to a planning application (48Kb) pdf logo .

We do not acknowledge representations please check the website for publication which can take up to 5 working days. We will not normally write to you again unless the scheme is significantly amended or to tell you if and when the application is to be reported to the Planning Committee. The planning decision will be published in the local newspaper or can be viewed at this site,

In the case of householder applications, in the event of an appeal that proceeds by way of the expedited procedure, any representations made about the application will be passed to the Secretary of State and there will be no opportunity to make further representations.

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There are 10 document images available.

Date received Image type Description Size
10 MAR 2021 Representation Comments from Mr & Mrs Harding 10 Mar 2021 Acrobat Doc View image 84KB
02 MAR 2021 Plans Of The Proposal (A3) DrNo DB/BFH/08 Site Plan Acrobat Doc View image 141KB
02 MAR 2021 Plans Of The Proposal (A3) DrNo DB/BFH/07 Proposed Plan Acrobat Doc View image 141KB
02 MAR 2021 Plans Of The Proposal (A3) DrNo DB/BFH/06 Proposed Elevations Acrobat Doc View image 200KB
02 MAR 2021 Plans Of The Proposal (A3) DrNo DB/BFH/04 Existing Floor Plan Acrobat Doc View image 228KB
02 MAR 2021 Plans Of The Proposal (A3) DrNo DB/BFH/03 Existing Elevations Acrobat Doc View image 441KB
02 MAR 2021 Plans Of The Proposal (A3) DrNo DB/BFH/02 Existing Site Plan Acrobat Doc View image 233KB
02 MAR 2021 Plans Of The Proposal (A3) DrNo DB/BFH/01 Location Plan Acrobat Doc View image 151KB
02 MAR 2021 Application Details Covering Letter Acrobat Doc View image 154KB
02 MAR 2021 Application Details Application Form Acrobat Doc View image 188KB


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