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To search for an application, please enter an application number or any combination of the other fields then click search. Due to the quantity of applications available it is not possible to search for all applications in a specific parish, or all applications registered in a period greater than a month.
Currently only applications from 1987 onwards are available via the website. If you require a decision notice previous to this date please email .
Please ensure you use the format xx/xx/xxxx even if you have an old reference with just three numbers at the end then add an additional zero to make the four number format. DO NOT ADD ANY SUFFIX to any number.

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eg 38/14/0278 not 38/14/0278LB
eg Jones
eg Jones Planning Ltd

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Please note that this data field was introduced on 1st October 2008 and therefore information prior to this date may not be complete.

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eg 01/08/2008

In the format dd/mm/yyyy
eg 31/08/2008


The Council currently decides nearly 1800 applications per year and deals with any appeals that are lodged. Most minor applications will be decided by the Development Control Manager without reference to a Planning Committee and in certain Parishes they are decided by the Parish/Town Council.

However, where four or more contrary views are received and these views are supported by the local Town or Parish Council and/or a Ward Member, applications are determined by the Planning Committee after considering a written report.

All Committee meetings are open to members of the public.  The reports contain a summary of any objections although the full text of any letter is available to Committee Members if they wish to see it.  The report will be available for inspection five working days before the Committee meeting.